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Transfer of Knowledge

As experience has shown, the cooperation of the Weidling GmbH with universities or research institutes leads to beneficial results for both sides. The Weidling GmbH is eager to maintain and intensify the contact with numerous sponsors.

Cooperation with Universities

Of a particular value has been the collaboration with the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.Together with students of Print and Media Technology, several projects have been carried out successfully, for example the new Corporate Identity of the Weidling GmbH which was developed by students within the frame of a seminar on marketing.

Cooperations exist also with the TFH Wildau, the Fachhochschule Brandenburg, the Fachhochschule Potsdam as well as several projects with students of different universities. Interested students also have the possibility to write their thesis about a topic which is related to the work of the Weidling GmbH and to benefit from the professional experience and the infrastructure of the company.

Cooperation with Research Institutes

Over the last years, cooperations with various scientific research institutes have been built up, among them renowned institutions like the Ferdinand Braun Institute for High-Frequency Technology Berlin,, the Physics Department of the University of Stuttgart as well as the Austrian Centre of Competence for Tribology.