The Company  Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Weidling GmbH has set itself the aim of entirely fulfilling the clients´ requirements, of manufacturing high-quality products and of rendering excellent services. For this reason, the Weidling GmbH has implemented an integrated management system which is extended and improved permanently and actively.

The employees assume a significant role within the Weidling GmbH. Therefore, further training, particularly in the field of quality assurance, is promoted systematically. Due to the variety of production techniques, the concept of process is intensely promoted and its application regularly reviewed in annual audits. The Weidling GmbH conceives of its quality management as holistic, which leads to a close integration of its suppliers.

The policies of quality management and ecological responsibility the Weidling GmbH has formulated are the following:

  • We want to do excellent work for our clients on a day-to-day basis.
  • It is our aim to constantly improve the quality and the effectiveness of our products and services.
  • Since every form of industrial production is connected with the use of natural resources, we strive to alleviate the ecological effects as far as possible and to save the environment.
  • Legal requirements are complied with in every aspect. We consider laws and norms as minimum standards and as the starting point of a continuous process of improving the effectiveness of our management system.
  • We always endeavour to eliminate any kind of risks and mistakes in all spheres of the enterprise.
  • The trust of our clients, suppliers and employees can only be guaranteed by means of maintaing an open dialogue. This way, we always make an effort to strengthen this trust further.
  • We strive for long and stable relationships with our suppliers. For this reason, we try to convince them of the benefit which derives from a timely and careful consideration of quality issues. This is put into practice by an evaluation.
  • We offer our employees a variety of workshops and courses where they have the opportunity to develop their professional skills in order to be able to face future tasks.