Screen Printing

The screen printing method has a particularly wide range of application in the industrial sector. Our extensive machinery makes it possible to print on diverse materials as well as shaped objects.

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Pad Printing

Pad printing is a method of uni- or multicolour printing on a wide spectrum of materials and surfaces. Today, the Weidling GmbH ranks among Germany´s leading suppliers.

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With the photochemical etching method, the use of an acid enables the manufacturing of high-precision workpieces, consisting of thin materials such as high-grade steel, brass or German silver, immediately, economically and with narrow tolerances.

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Laser Marking

At the Weidling GmbH, laser printing is carried at six different machines. This method makes it possible to mark a workpiece or a foil permanently, with the advantage of using variable data, due to the computer-aided pre-press.

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Cut and Mill Technique

In the scope of cut and mill techniques, precise shapes can be cut out from a variety of materials on different, partly laser-assisted machines. Varying methods offer a wide range of possible applications.

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UV Digital Printing

As one of the first suppliers in Europe, the Weidling GmbH has managed to carry out the method of digital direct print in industry applications. By means of UV-drying colours, materials of up to 50 mm in height can directly be printed on in different colours or white.

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