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Facts about us

The Weidling GmbH was founded by Bernd Weidling and his long-time partners in 1983. At the beginning, the company was based in Saalburgstraße, Berlin-Tempelhof. It all started with the etching technology and pad printing method. Two years later already, the company moved into a larger production site in Gneisenaustraße. At the same time, the screen printing technology was introduced. After the German reunification, new technologies such as laser marking and laser cutting have been invested into. A second production facility was openened in Rathenow (Brandenburg) in 1995. At the millenium, manager Bernd Weidling decided to start investing in Berlin Neukölln, which was accomplished with the launch of the second own production facility in Sonnenallee in 2002.

The joining of Christian Weidling soon settled the question of succession in the management of the company. Together, Bernd and Christian Weidling undertook the complete renewal of the machinery, new methods such as UV digital printing and a cutting plotter were introduced. The number of employees has risen to more than 40 workers by now. Primary and advanced vocational training plays a major role in the Weidling GmbH.

Moreover, the regular certification of the quality and environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, which was introduced many years ago and which has continuously been enhanced since then, affirms the requirements and challenges the Weidling GmbH meets in its daily business.