Your vocational training at the Weidling GmbH provides you with a career start which offers good future prospects in an innovative, middle-sized industrial enterprise.

Apprenticeship Places

Receiving a high-quality vocational training is the best way to shape a secure future. The most effective start of a successful professional development is a dual education which is challenging, stimulating and fun alike. We try to give you everything possible along to make your entire apprenticeship a success story.

We train:

  • Screen Printer
  • Industrial Sales Representative

Prior to an apprenticeship

You are still in school but you want to get to know us? If you are interested in the job description, you have the opportunity to do a placement. Please send us your detailed application by post. You will find our postal address under ”legal notice“.

Apprenticeship Regulations

If you wish to obtain an insight into the apprenticeships on offer, we have provided the respective apprenticeship regulations as PDF-file. We do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the contents.

Screen Printer (in German)
Industrial Sales Representative (in German)

Job Description

Further information about the job can be obtained at the employment agency, at the job information centre as well as in the internet, for example on the following pages:

screen printer
Industrial Sales Representative

Vocational School

Our apprentices receive theoretical training at vocational schools in Berlin. Screen printers attend the block instruction at the Ernst-Litfass-Schule, whereas industrial sales representatives attend the Oberstufenzentrum Industrie und Datenverarbeitung.

During the apprenticeship

In the practical as well as the theoretical part of the training you will always be guided by an experienced colleague. Training supervisor Sascha Wunderlich (certificated by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), according to AEVO regulations) is in charge of the organisation of the apprenticeship. Equally, certificated employees in the production and in the administration carry out the daily training within the company. The realisation of an apprenticeship in the Weidling GmbH is based on the legal requirements of the Vocational Training Act and, with regard to underage apprentices, on the Child and Youth Welfare Law. Since the company is registered with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Berlin (IHK Berlin), the final examinations of both apprenticeships will be conducted by the IHK.

After the apprenticeship

After a successful vocational training, you have excellent possibilities to stay in our company since it is important to us to benefit from the qualification and the commitment of our junior staff in future. Furthermore, we offer our employees many opportunities of participating in advanced training.

How to apply?

The apprenticeship starts every year in August. You are most welcome to send us your detailed application by post. Besides a letter of application, we need your C.V., photocopies of the last two school certificates as well as attestations of special qualifications. You will find our postal address under ”legal notice“.